Bebefood Seasoned Laver

Contents: 4g(10 sheets) / 21kcal 71.91% Traditional Laver (Korean)


Laver for infants

It is the mild Laver with oil and salt reduced so that children can eat willingly.

Korean ingredients

Bebefood Seasoned Laver is made only by Korean ingredients.

Various nutrients contained

Contained Vitamin D helps to complement child nutrients.

Pure ingredients

Not add any food additives, just hold pristine health.

Sanitary manufacturing

As the food has been prepared in a HACCP-certified manufacturing facility, so your children can eat at ease.


Product Information

Product Name Bebefood Seasoned Laver
Food type Seasoned Laver
Contents 1 pack: 4g (10 sheets)
Bundle: 4g (10 sheets) x 6 packs
Box : 4g (10 sheets) x 6 packs x 6 EA
Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture
Ingredients and contents Traditional laver 72% (domestic), brown rice oil 23% (domestic), sesame oil 3.5% (domestic), solar salt 1.5% (domestic)

Nutrition Facts and Contentserving size (4g) / total 1 serving (4g)

Content per serving size % nutritive intake value Content per serving size % nutritive intake value
Calories 21kcal Fat 1.3g 2.6%
Carbohydrate 1g 0.4% Saturated fat 0g 2.4%
Sugars 0g 0% Trans fat 0g
Dietary fiber 0g 0% Cholesterol 0mg 0.2%
Protein 1g 2% Natrium 45mg 2.4%

Keeping method and caution

  • Avoid an area with direct sunlight or humidity and keep in a cool or well-ventilated place.
  • In order to avoid getting soggy as easily after opening the bag, please keep remaining lavers in closed containers.


Do not take the desiccant in the product, if the desiccant packaging is damaged, please inquire of purchasing place.

Product Features

  1. Using only traditional lavers collected from the west coast of Maryangpo area, Seocheon, the product has soft and smooth texture of food and is rich in nutrition.
  2. It contains Korean sesame oil and brown rice oil with rich vitamin E. Especially subtle aroma of grain in brown rice oil is pervasive, so you can enjoy more savory laver.
  3. Vitamin D contained in Bebefood seasoned laver is an essential nutrient for the children.
  4. It contains Korean sea salt with high natural minerals and low-sodium content.
  5. It is hygienic and safe to manufacture in HACCP certified facilities.

Daddy’s tips

1.How to choose a good laver

  • A laver collected in a cold winter contains the most high protein content and is the most delicious.
  • It must have shine while mostly having black colors.
  • Overall, it must have evenly thick and dense particles with no hole seen.
  • It should have turquoise color after baked.
  • A delicate fragrance of the sea oozes out rather than fishy smell.

2.Lavers contain as much nutrition as following.