"We will present convenience for mom and healthy table for child."

‘What shall I prepare for my child?’
Mother must be spending great portion of the day in figuring out what to prepare on the table for lovely child. I am a father of a daughter and I was the one caring about my daughter as a child in preparing her food by myself..

I might have been more careful, because it was first time I ever tried to prepare food for someone and it was my daughter. I became so careful as to check whether my usual food is salty for my child and check the County of Origin I overlooked when I cooked for myself. I think parents starting childcare have the same carefulness as mine.

BEBEFOOD started in such way with daddy’s love for his daughter in an ordinary family, hoping that my child eats good food and becomes healthy and my wife sets the table for my child with more convenience.

In order to select good materials and make good food under the most hygienic environment and at reasonable price, the management having 20 years of experiences in food and child sections of a leading domestic department store joined forces with the top child food researchers. Start making healthy table for our child conveniently with BEBEFOOD made by a strict daddy who cares for his family.